About the Rep Company

The Seminole County Repertory Company was formed in 1999 as the in-house theater group, working under the auspices of the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center Board of Directors with the object of supporting the Theater.

Now known as the WDPAC Players, the repertory company presents a variety of shows offering the widest opportunity for local actors and singers to use their talents, while presenting worthwhile and wholesome entertainment to the public. Opportunities are also available for those interested in using their skills in the many backstage activities which are essential to support live performances.

Details regarding upcoming auditions can be found at here.

For more information about the Rep Company call the box office at 407-321-8111, visit the box office Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., or email info@wdpac.com  to get further details!