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The mission of the Love Your Shorts Film Festival is to encourage, promote and recognize the art of original short films in Sanford, Florida.

The Love Your Shorts Film Festival is an experience.  It is designed so the audience and filmmakers can participate in every event and see every film.  We use one location, one screen and show films one at a time.  That way you can experience everything, enjoy the whole festival and tell your friends and grand-kids, “I was there.”

The festival is open to novice and veteran filmmakers, both amateur and professional in all categories and showcases films of up to 30 minute.

Over the course of three days, participants and audience members will be able to see numerous short films divided by category and attend discussion sessions with filmmakers and professionals.  Meanwhile, filmmakers will showcase their creations and compete for awards.

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“It’s fast becoming my favorite film festival in Central Florida, because it’s so intimate and homey and friendly. There are huge crowds, and everyone is enthusiastic about film. The friendliness is nice to see instead of any kind of snobbishness. Everyone is enthusiastic about the art itself. … They’re not here to see something that necessarily screened at Sundance, they’re here to support local filmmakers and everybody who submitted.”

- Lisa Mills, UCF film professor and LYSFF Best of Fest judge

“The Love Your Shorts film festival is one of the classiest film festivals I’ve ever been to. They treat you like gold. I highly recommend them!”

– Kevin James O’Neill, Writer/Director, Captain Fin

“I just wanted to thank you again for including Elizabeth’s film, ‘My License’ in the Love Your Shorts Film Festival. We had a great time and we were very impressed with your film festival. Everyone at the festival was very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed everything: the opening night party, the venue, filmmaker lounge, and the attention to detail of everyone involved in putting the festival together.”

– Robert Herrick, father of Elizabeth Herrick, Writer/Director, My License


Opening night block of films

Monroe award given to winning filmmakers

Audience enjoying the film festival

Filmmakers and festival volunteers

Opening night party